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Why can't all followers of Jesus just come together around scripture?

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Usually evil surprises us in the worst possible way so it is a good idea to be prepared with these five ways of protection...with free printable bookmark.

Spiritual disciplines will clothe you with depth, suitable clothes for the wedding banquet. Find out what these disciplines are, and battle the enemy as he tries to steal your time from you.


Just because your house burns down doesn't mean you are abandoned by God. He is mysterious and His plans are always at work. My whole family learned a powerful lesson about Acts 17 the year my sister's house caught fire.



What you do next is pivotal. And you will do something. It will be automatic. A person can’t just sit around twiddling thumbs. At times like these we are made for action.The day of evil happened for me when I was fifteen and my daddy didn't come home from work one day. Here are five spiritual lessons I learned from my mother on the day my father was murdered.


Profanity on Christian blogs is a cultural trend that I want to make a comment on. This post is about Jesus followers...His teachers... the ones He has sent out... who deliberately chose their words and type them on the page. Then when editing, they say to themselves, "This is a good idea. I think these words will make my point."