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Hi Friends,

The longer I live on earth, the stranger I feel here.  I am culture shocked daily.  A tourist living in my own hometown, sleeping in my own bed.  A traveler  grieving over this world that continually surprises me when I log in for the day.   I believe this culture of excess and self gratification minimizes our God and distracts us from Him.  The influence of culture sneaks up on His church and integrates itself into EVERYTHING until it becomes our new Bible.  Mind, heart, and body are taking a beating.  We are being bombarded, bamboozled, and bewildered by cultural lies that have become truth.  It is hard to stay holy here.


For me, this blog fulfills the scriptural calling to older women: They should teach what is good.  Titus 2:3b   My heart is breaking with love for you… tender for those raising children in this wicked world,  lonely for those alienated by their sin,  wounded for those dealing with the enemy’s evil dealings,  mournful for those who are lost in darkness.   And every day grieving the distractions that keep you from your Savior.

baby ziva 3

Getting to know my new granddaughter, Ziva on our first trip to Cambodia in 2014.

The Holy Spirit works to teach,convict, to lead, to bring forth scripture.  Personally,  He often uses a theme that repeats over and over,  continuing until I understand the lesson being taught.  Let me add to the theme the Holy Spirit has already started with you.  Maybe it is something He wants you to think about today, or a gift to place in your heart for later.  Maybe the words you find here will be a tiny stitch in your tapestry, or a moment of clarity in your walk..  Navigating this culture takes teamwork.

We are all Sanctified Tourists, trying to keep mind, heart, and body FIT for the coming.


tapsetry 2

I have a few blogger pet peeves that you will never see on Sanctified Tourist:

  • Don’t you hate it when you are reading along and are really interested in the content and one of those POP-UP subscriptions forms fill your screen?  I can’t click away fast enough.  My subscription form is easily found on the side bar if you are interested in news about my life in Cambodia and receiving my blog in your email when I post.
  • Another annoyance is when a blog I follow publishes too often.  Don’t they realize realize how full my inbox is?  One day in December, I received ten or more different posts from the same blog.  Sorry, I deleted all of them…it wore me out just thinking about reading them all.  You will only hear from me once or twice a month.
  • I don’t mean to be picky, but I can’t stand to read a really good blog and find out at the end that it is just a advertisement for a product the author is paid to endorse.  You won’t find that here.  I also don’t like the constant, daily newsletters trying to get me to buy the author’s product.  Ask me once.

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