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I WILL Have Joy

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My missionary son-in-law went to heaven March 14, 2020.

Our sweet son was a faithful servant of God and prepared his family to live with joy no matter what the circumstances. He and his little family sang a song from Psalm 118:24 every morning together, no matter how sick he became, and then set about living this verse. As followers of Jesus, we are meant to live differently than the world. We are not meant to wallow in despair and self pity.

Do you notice that this verse says, ‘We WILL rejoice and be glad?” It sounds like the Psalmist is talking to himself. Maybe he even pounds his chest to emphasize WILL. I think that is the key to joy in difficult moments, giving myself a firm talking to. Telling myself that I WILL have love. I WILL be joyful, I WILL be peaceful, I WILL exhibit patience, I WILL show kindness, I WILL think about good, I WILL be faithful, I WILL speak with gentleness, and I WILL control myself when stressed. Did you recognize the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23?

Maybe these thoughts will help you in the days to come. We are certainly living in strange times, aren’t we? Let’s all start talking to ourselves like David did. I WILL rejoice.

A note about my blog: Thank you all for following Sanctified Tourist. This may be my last post using this name. I am undecided about the direction that the Holy Spirit is leading me, I only know I want to encourage others with scripture. I think a name change might be needed to better direct the hurting and hungry to my blog and Facebook page. Links will follow.

Blessings, Alice



One thought on “I WILL Have Joy

  1. Thank you for the encouragement. May God bless you in whatever direction you do; I know it will lead to Heaven! Love you. Sheila


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